Core Confidence Program

Remember when you sprained your ankle as a kid or hurt your knee playing a sport and applied a tensor support wrap for a short period of time as it healed?  When muscles and tissues are stretched beyond their optimal length, they need some temporary support and restorative movement to help them regain their strength and integrity.

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles and connective tissues in the abdomen are stretched beyond their optimal length yet women are given little if any information on how to support those muscles and tissues as they heal.

Well the gals at Bellies Inc are changing that and have created a revolutionary postpartum support garment called The AB Tank.  The After Baby AB Tank is specifically designed to provide support and healing to the stretched, weak abdominal wall and pelvis.  It is a 2 piece top that incorporates a sleek, breathable tank that is breastfeeding friendly as the base layer.  Then the AB Wrap is placed over top of the tank for an added layer of low back, pelvic and abdominal support.  The AB Tank is worn for the first 8 weeks postpartum and is worn in conjunction with doing the Core Confidence exercise program so there is holistic healing from the inside out!

Belly wrapping has been a tradition for centuries in other cultures and it is time to make the tradition more in line with the lifestyle of the modern day mom.  Check out this amazing product and get yours today!

To order the Ab Tank, please click on the image below: