How A Tennis Ball Will Relieve Muscle Pain

As a Massage Therapist, I have a lot of patients that complain of large golf ball sized knots in their back. Although a Massageis one of the best ways to eliminate these knots, it is very unrealistic to rely solely on this one method.

Here are some things I suggest to try at home, the office or while traveling:

  1. Stretch: Regular stretching is great to relieve  back pain because it increases blood flow to the muscle. This allows the flush of muscular  toxins and renewal of nutrients. Also, stretching forces the muscle to relax which can relieve pain.
  2. Heat: Using a water bottle, magic bag, or heating pad for 10-20 minutes in the area of a tight muscle will  help to increase blood flow and cause muscles to relax.
  3. Tennis Ball in a Sock: This is great for applying direct pressure, similar to how a Massage works on a muscle for pain relief.

*If heat causes more discomfort, apply an ice pack and avoid the heat for a few days*

To make your Tennis Ball in a Sock you will need:

A tennis ball and a sock. Its simple right?

How the heck will this get rid of your knots? Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Place the tennis ball into the bottom of the sock.

Step 2: Holding the open end of the sock with one hand, throw it over your shoulder (same side as hand).

Step 3: Make sure the ball is in the desired area where there is muscle pain and lean into the wall. The more you lean into the wall, the more you will release the knot.

It is important to keep your body care simple and convenient.

Combining regular Massage, heat, stretching and the ball in a sock technique; will ensure that your muscles will be in less pain and increasing your quality of life which will keep you feeling happy.